Hurricane Sandy: How to Help

Brain tumor patients devastated by Hurricane Sandy desperately need our help right now. Gifts to the Bruce Kaye Brain Tumor Foundation now through January 1, 2013, are being earmarked to help Hurricane Sandy victims with brain tumors gain access to—or continue receiving—Integrative Medicine resources to support their medical treatments and improve quality of life.

Click here to send your tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, or whatever you can afford. Thanks-for-Giving.

The Bruce Kaye Brain Tumor Foundation was founded following the death of Bruce Kaye to provide patients and families with every possible advantage in the fight against this dreaded disease, shedding light on the power of a multi-faceted approach to treatment incorporating nutrition, supplementation, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), conventional medicine and the mind-body connection while also supporting promising research pursuing a cure for brain cancer.
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One of the greatest golfers of our generation was lost to brain cancer earlier this month and will sorely be missed.  I can remember watching him on TV with my Dad as a kid and thinking not only about what a great player he was, but also how he bore a not-so-subtle resemblance to my late father.  Seve - you inspired millions of people and courageously battled your disease like a true champion. Read more about Seve's legacy here: Read more>>

ResourcesAn Integrative Approach

Fighting and surviving a brain cancer diagnosis requires a battle plan on all fronts. By incorporating a multi-faceted approach, you give yourself the best possible chance of surviving and even thriving despite a devastating diagnosis. Whether or not you choose to pursue a conventional protocol, you should consider Nutrition, Exercise, Mind/Body work, evidence based supplementation, and alternative modalities in your total treatment plan. Proper nutrition is at the core of a holistic approach as food plays a powerful role in fighting cancer through its control of gene expression and ability to support your immune system. Read more>>

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